Introducing Sphynx Database Security

Worldwide data theft losses top $100 billion annually, and the problem isn't going away. Sphynx will cut those losses by 60-80%

The dirty secret of database security is that, in order to secure your data, you must encrypt it--but in order to manage your data, you've always needed to decrypt it.

Not anymore.

Sphynx is a patent-pending (#US 2012/0284529 A1) modular extension to standard or custom database packages that allows the five fundamental database operations (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SEARCH, and SORT) to be performed on encrypted data while it remains encrypted.

Sphynx will:

  • Protect database performance. It requires no additional processing time, and introduces no performance hit. It may improve performance in some circumstances.
  • Be licensed to database vendors, governments, and for legacy systems.
  • Implement in a matter of a few weeks on any platform
  • Full technical details are available in the patent, which is published for public comment at this link.

Add that all together, and you have a product that John Muir of the Security Innovation Network has called "The Holy Grail of database security."

We are currently seeking:

  • Schedule A Financing from accredited angel investors
  • Strategic partners and active advisors
  • Acquisition
  • Because of the nature of our product, we expect this to be the only round of financing.

Monies raised will fund these next steps:

  • Generating performance metrics on a well-known platform (eg. IBM or Oracle)
  • Trademarks (domestic and international)
  • Completing International Patents

Sphynx is the brainchild of D.N. “Lynx” Crowe, who has been designing and implementing profitable, bleeding-edge hardware and software solutions to complex problems in industrial, scientific, and commercial markets since 1965 for other companies. Sphynx is the first product for his own company, and he expects to use its profits to advance his other R&D efforts.
You will find our contact information on our contact page. Please call, email, or write us for details.

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